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Earn Network Views

To earn network advertising credits simply show your members the traffic exchange network interface as they surf and you will earn 1 credit for every 2 network pages viewed.

7 Day Traffic Stats

As our existing traffic exchange network partners display their interface we will track when your exchanges receives traffic and provide you with 7 days of traffic statistics.

Fast Growing Network

Our traffic exchange network is consistanly growing. Our Traffic Exchange Network partners enjoy traffic being sent to their exchanges from a variaty of traffic exchanges.

Auto & Manual Exchanges

We cater for both auto surf and manual surf traffic exchanges. At not time do the two ever get mixed meaning that auto surf exchanges only exchange with other auto surf exchanges.

Network Traffic Delivered To Network Partners Exchanges Since 2020

Drive Traffic To Your Traffic Exchanges, Here at the Traffic Exchange Network we use a 1:2 Exchange Ratio. For example, As you display our interface to your members for network advertising credits our traffic exchange network system will show your members a traffic exchange interface that belong to one of our network partners. You are required to display the network interface to your members for the same time duration that you show your members pages on your exchange. You display the interface on your exchange and earn 0.5 network advertising credits then in reverse we will send 1 network view to your exchange at the cost of 1 advertising credit. The network exchange system will then repeat the process of showing your members sites from other traffic exchanges and depositing network advertising credits. Register Your Traffic Exchange Network Account Today!

Boost The Views To Your Members Sites
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